Focusing My Efforts - Stairway of Phi

Focusing My Efforts

Focusing My Efforts - Stairway of PhiThis past weekend, I was pulling weeds.  I really should have taken care of them a week earlier and some had grown really big, but better late than never, right?  While doing so, I reached a conclusion that I'm sure anyone who's pulled weeds has - it's really hard to get those weeds with big roots with just my bare hands.

Then I came to a brick walkway, leading from the driveway to the backyard.

This area didn't have many weeds.  In fact, the weeds that were coming through were all puny in comparison to those I had just finished plucking.  In addition to being small, every single one of them remained intact when pulled (resulting in me also getting their roots, unlike some of their larger counterparts).

Seeing this, I was able to identify with these pathetic weeds and realized something about myself and StairwayOfPhi that needs to be addressed.

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Phi's March 2016 Update - Snowdrop Flower

Phi's March 2016 Update

Phi's March 2016 Update - Snowdrop Flower

This month I'm changing the way I do my monthy reflections.  I've felt something wasn't quite how I wanted it with my monthly updates, but couldn't put my finger on it until today - they lack reference!  I want StairwayOfPhi to be a place where newcomers can use as a tool of reference and having to sort through my articles to pull out and track net worth, liquid assets, income, etc. isn't alright!  From now on, I'll be showing real-time just how quickly wealth really accumulates!

Starting this month, my monthly updates will be a lot more cut-and-dry.  All the work will be done for those who want to analyze my efforts and progress.  Rather than having text updates condensing what's happened in the past 30-ish days, my monthly update articles will have hard figures (visualized in the form of graphs).  In the event of a deviance, I'll give specific explanations as to why my figures grow/shrink/perform unexpectedly.  And, as always, if something doesn't make sense, feel free to leave a comment!

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February Update 2016 - Almond Flowers

Phi's February 2016 Update

Phi's February 2016 Update - Almond FlowersIt's monthly review time and I'd like to start by saying that this has been the most successful, slam-packed, crazy month I've ever lived!  I knew that for the first half of the month getting things together for the new house would be a time-sink and money-sink, but going into that expectation I was under the impression that the second half would let up on me.  Boy, was I wrong!Continue reading


Today I Lost All My Money

Originally Posted On January 29, 2016


PhiWell, not really.

It's true that I lost all my money, but that's because today I did spent more money than I have COMBINED over the course of my whole life and EVERYTHING that I've saved since the age of 17 has disappeared.  In fact, I spent so much that I owe a debt of $68,000 to someone else!  But my big-impact, slightly misleading title wasn't for nothing.  For everything lost, something is gained.  In this case, I lost my money (and the money I'll make in the future) to become a homeowner!

Having made the biggest purchase of my life (as well as the biggest purchase I'll be making in the foreseeable future), I would have thought at the very least I'd be a little freaked, but actually the exact opposite is true!Continue reading

Lessons Learned From Neglecting Time - Clock Time

Lessons Learned From Neglecting Time

Originally Posted On January 18, 2016

Lessons Learned From Neglecting Time - Clock TimeA few months ago I had an awful time trying to save money on Black Friday.  While I preach frugalism, occasionally I, too, make a frivolous purchase.  This time it was on a big-screened TV - something I had never bought myself before and which I don't intend to buy another for a very long time.  I had decided at the beginning of the month I wanted one and, with Black Friday around the corner, determined that the ideal buying time for a new TV was quickly approaching.Continue reading

Phi's First Step...In Under 5 Minutes

Phi's First Step...In Under Five Minutes

Originally Posted On December 27, 2015

i285415639384481695._szw1280h1280_For the sake of everyone reading, I think it's appropriate to document where I stand right now as I start this site so that future readers can see where Phi's first step begins.  While I could write a little novelette about everything that's shaped me, maybe that's best saved for later.  I'll do my best to keep this concise and straightforward!  In time, I'm sure the real in depth-details and lessons learned during this period of my life will come out and be elaborated on.Continue reading

"Just Because" Mentality - Photographer Shadow

"Just Because" Mentality

Originally Posted On November 27, 2015

Site Is Live - Photography ShadowAs children, we're praised for our curiosity and desire to understand.  Asking, "why?" is both enriching, as well as amusing.  But by our teenage years, our charm has already worn off.  Our desire to establish ourselves as individuals often comes with an ongoing debate towards authority figures to win our own personal battles and establish ourselves as "equals".  At this time in my life, the answer to the question, "why?" changed to, "Because I said so," or, "Just because."Continue reading