How To Make Your Own Website with no prior experience- stairway of phi

How To Make A Website With No Previous Experience

How To Make A Website with No Previous Experience - stairway of phiI've had many private questions regarding how to make your own website, the process involved, and how difficult it is to do with no previous experience.  Because of this, I'll be dedicating today's article to the topic of "how to make your own website", creating a step-by-step guide of EXACTLY how I've developed StairwayOfPhi, having no prior website developing experience, and the challenges that I faced.

You might be interested in owning a website for a number of reasons, but regardless of what reason it is you should get one right now.  In the modern world, the internet is the tool which connects us all and not being a part of it is only doing you a disservice!  Businesses of any size should have one to show their wares, as well as provide information on their services to their customers.  Job-seekers can use their own website to make an impressive portfolio (plus, if you work with computers, owning a website is proof that you know how to use modern technology!)  Bloggers can use them to get their opinions heard and entrepreneurs can use them to cheaply reach large audiences.  And everybody with a website has the potential to make self-provided money from it!  Any amount of money coming from yourself is worth pursuing, in my eyes.Continue reading

How I Get Paid To Eat Chocolate

Get Paid To Eat Chocolate

How I Get Paid To Eat ChocolateToday I got paid $3.50 to eat two bars of Hersey's special dark chocolate.  Yep, it's true.  I get paid to eat chocolate.  Where to sign up, am I right?

Ever since reading The Millionaire Fastlane, I've been racking my brain to recognize the opportunities in our lives that often go unnoticed.  At first, it was difficult, but actively striving to be creative and observant ended up rewiring my brain - now it's paid off!  Doing so, I've come to realize that there are opportunities everywhere!

Getting paid to eat chocolate was just one of the many new-found opportunities I've discovered since!  This wasn't an opportunity that required me to be a genius or to have a ton of money - all I needed was to pay attention to the needs of those around me!  Please allow me to elaborate.Continue reading

Phi's March 2016 Update - Snowdrop Flower

Phi's March 2016 Update

Phi's March 2016 Update - Snowdrop Flower

This month I'm changing the way I do my monthy reflections.  I've felt something wasn't quite how I wanted it with my monthly updates, but couldn't put my finger on it until today - they lack reference!  I want StairwayOfPhi to be a place where newcomers can use as a tool of reference and having to sort through my articles to pull out and track net worth, liquid assets, income, etc. isn't alright!  From now on, I'll be showing real-time just how quickly wealth really accumulates!

Starting this month, my monthly updates will be a lot more cut-and-dry.  All the work will be done for those who want to analyze my efforts and progress.  Rather than having text updates condensing what's happened in the past 30-ish days, my monthly update articles will have hard figures (visualized in the form of graphs).  In the event of a deviance, I'll give specific explanations as to why my figures grow/shrink/perform unexpectedly.  And, as always, if something doesn't make sense, feel free to leave a comment!

On top of the new mathematical reformat, I will STILL be doing my monthly book reviews.Continue reading

Are You A Miner Or Merchant?

Are You A Miner or Merchant?

Are You A Miner Or Merchant?The other day I had the pleasure of having an entrepreneurial discussion with a couple of friends who know about the StairwayOfPhi project.  Most of my friends don't actually know about this site because of how open I am with my finances on here, but I chose to reveal this personal secret with them because they share an interest in finance and investing and because we have similar goals and self-expectations.

The contents of our talk contained details about our own recent realizations regarding money, psychology, and independence.  And while the subject of money is touchy, in the right group of people, I always enjoy these conversations because they allow me to freely bounce around the unfinished ideas I'll one day write about and because I get to hear others' unfinished ideas, leading me to think a bit differently afterwards and generally lead me to a greater understanding!  Continue reading

Quit Wasting Money On Card Transactions

Quit Wasting Money On Card Transactions!

Originally Posted On January 10, 2016

Credit Card TransactionA few posts ago, I discussed a couple of one-time stop ways to generate passive and near-passive income.  The idea was, by performing a few small tasks, you could generate amounts of money with a high investment-to-reward ratio.  One of the suggestions, specifically, was utilizing Lake Michigan Credit Union's Max Checking account which yields 3% APY on funds up to $15,000 (while containing no account charges).

One of the requirements to generate the 3% interest, though, is that you need to make 10 transactions a month on the account's debit card.  This problem might be very specific and not apply to everyone, but if you're only using your rewards card, then it might apply to you, too.  Not only do I normally not make 10 transactions a month on my card, but when I do make transactions I make them on my Sallie Mae Mastercard for 1-5% cashback.  Obviously I don't want to lose those perks and I'm not going to spend $10 a month on single sticks of gum to get the interest (at the max of $15,000 this would take away 27% of your profits!) so I came up with a plan.Continue reading

Investment to Reward Ratio List - Coin Stack

Simple One-Time High Investment to Reward Ratio List

Originally Posted On January 1, 2016

Investment to Reward Ratio ListIn my last post, I discussed the concept of maximizing your investment to reward ratio and mentioned I'd be posting a list of low commitment, one-time, high investment to reward ratio applications so that you can reap rewards in your daily life without taking away much time to your schedule.  For those eagerly waiting, I've delivered!  This list is subject to change as opportunities come and go.  If any of you know of any other one-time investments that you think should be on this list, let me know and I'll check them out!Continue reading

High Investment to Reward Ratio - Time is Money Clock

Thinking of Dollars Differently - Investment to Reward Ratio

Originally Posted On December 31, 2015

Investment to Reward RatioWhen people dream of being rich, they don't dream of long hours at the office or sacrificing their free time to pursue a business - they picture the sports cars, fancy clubs, and the daily freedom to do whatever they want without the fear of running out of money.  While these fantasies aren't often rationalized, the idea of making money without working (or while doing very little work) seems to appeal to the dreamers.  Myself included!Continue reading