Focusing My Efforts

Focusing My Efforts - Stairway of PhiThis past weekend, I was pulling weeds.  I really should have taken care of them a week earlier and some had grown really big, but better late than never, right?  While doing so, I reached a conclusion that I'm sure anyone who's pulled weeds has - it's really hard to get those weeds with big roots with just my bare hands.

Then I came to a brick walkway, leading from the driveway to the backyard.

This area didn't have many weeds.  In fact, the weeds that were coming through were all puny in comparison to those I had just finished plucking.  In addition to being small, every single one of them remained intact when pulled (resulting in me also getting their roots, unlike some of their larger counterparts).

Seeing this, I was able to identify with these pathetic weeds and realized something about myself and StairwayOfPhi that needs to be addressed.


Focusing My Efforts

There's something amazing about a plant which, in time, grows through concrete.  It symbolizes perseverance and even beauty.

However, despite how the plants had to struggle to grow through the brick openings, their lack of fight when being uprooted showed me something which, perhaps, should have been obvious to me.

Despite these plants' efforts, they were destined to fail.  When encountered with the ultimate challenge (in this case, me) they didn't stand a chance!  Really, how could they?  Due to where they lay, their roots couldn't expand or make them grow strong.  Due to the shade from the bricks, they couldn't receive the full levels of sunlight.  No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't overcome that.  Meanwhile, the weeds that grew in natural soil flourished, performed their intent, and (some) survived.

But unlike these weeds, we humans can change our fate at any time.  If we choose to.

Aren't you glad to be a human?

I can uproot at any time - moving to some place where I can best thrive!  But if I continue to throw efforts towards areas where I'm restricted, I'll never grow as strong as I could have.  

I need to be focusing my efforts so that I can grow as big as possible.  Why struggle through brick when I can instead simply better utilize the resources around me?


When I first started StairwayOfPhi, I intended for it to be a place which would hold me accountable for what I've previously stated - encouraging me to grow along the way.  While it's served that purpose, now this site has turned into a measurable mean of success.  In other words, I find myself wanting to measure it through the eyes of a business - revenue.  What started out as a means of psychological development has transformed into a job.

I don't want that for this site.

When this site began, I had a lot to say.  Things that I hadn't previously been able to discuss.  The articles I wrote allowed me to voice my beliefs, as well as elaborate on them.  Because of this, content came readily and I was writing a lot just for the fun of it.

It's still fun, but now it's also stressful.  And time-consuming!

The point of this is to document a step-by-step journey of "how to obtain financial independence", not "how to make money on a blog".  So I'm stepping back.

StairwayOfPhi won't be disappearing or just die out of nowhere - I still believe that here lies quality content and the potential for a community of like-minded people to congregate and give each other support.

However, I do anticipate the releases to slow.  I won't be continuing the pace of writing two articles/week while stressing about every little bug that ails this site (not when I have more pressing matters to attend to, at least)!  This site started as a hobby, from now on out it's going to continue solely in that way!

I don't know what the new pace will be (or if it will even be predictable), but I do know that it will be based on inspiration and progress in my own life.

I still plan on doing monthly updates (I'll be doing them for myself, anyway) and those will still be containing my book reviews.  Beyond that, I can't promise anything.

I've still got a lot I want to say, but I want this story to be told the proper way.  A schedule  like I've been doing will only pressure me to release unfinished, half-baked ideas before they've matured and grown to fruition.


What Now?

The time and effort that I was putting into pumping out content won't just go away.  I'll just now be putting that energy towards my own personal endeavors outside of the site.  

Right now I've got a lot of exciting developments happening and I want to put my best foot forward on them to get them out the door and into the world!  In order for that to happen and for me to grow as strong as possible, this site needs to revert back to what it originally was - a way for me to reflect.

To reiterate, just because I won't be allocating as much time towards this site doesn't mean I'll be gone!  I'll still be right here, ready to hear about your own personal endeavors and have great discussions with those who want to reach out!  Though communication through this site hasn't taken off, I've seen great reactions on social media and have had numerous conversations with readers, allowing every party to grow!

I really enjoy hearing your thoughts!  So if you message me, I will message always back!  



Just like a rubber band, sometimes you need to stretch backwards to be launched forward.  Stay tuned, big things are coming.




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