Phi's April 2016 Update

phi's april 2016 updateThis month, I've slightly expanded the graphical content which I first implemented last month and was able to see (in the "Track Phi" graph) a visible difference in the accumulation of wealth!  (I'm also trying to write less in these monthly updates, as I believe these articles will be enjoyed more for their math and pictures than their words.)






Phi's April 2016 Update

Track Phi

Notice the huge jump in net worth despite the comparatively small gain of monthly income/investment profit.  I received my 2015 tax return and got a HUGE amount back due to my 2015 IRA catch-up contributions!  It is also worth noting that I received a raise and, this month, received back-pay from the month before.


Track StairwayOfPhi

This month I thought to look up my WOW Score (derived from's website calculator tool).  On the first search, I was valued at about $700, but have risen up another thousand throughout the month!  However, I will note that I believe this report to be a very generous estimate (as I do not have the ads they suggest - and no income because of it!) 


Track All Side-Businesses (Includes

Another $100 invested in materials for the Etsy store project.  $3 profit made selling candy bars.


2016 Resolution Progress

April Liquid Asset Gains:  $6,842

2016 Liquid Asset Gains:  $13,255  (33.1% of New Year's Resolution Goal)


Monthly Book Review

masters of doom - stairway of phiMasters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture by David Kushner -  I hadn't intended to do this reading for StairwayOfPhi, but was so impressed and motivated by the underlying theme of entrepreneurship that video game legends John Carmack and John Romero exhibited that I thought it was relevant to make Masters of Doom April's monthly reading.  A thoroughly enjoyable read, Masters of Doom walks through the two heroes' early lives, their individual accomplishments before meeting, their journey together, and follows them briefly after their split.  Aside from forming a keystone in the history of videogaming, the two Johns are a perfect example of business partners that work - coming together to form an ultimate product!  I recommend it as a solid read, as well as a quick reference for any entrepreneur.  Most importantly, reading this reignited my desire to develop video games and inspired me to found a Android game developing "company" and begin my first game - to hit the market soon!  

Takeaway:  If you build it (correctly), they will come.

Recommendation:  Yes!

(Note/Disclaimer:  None of these associations have paid me or asked me to advertise their name or products.  These are products that I use, have used, or find beneficial.  Links to services may be affiliated, but if so they come at no charge to you and will NEVER come at your expense.  In fact, registering through some affiliate links may give your account additional benefits.)



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