Phi's First Step...In Under Five Minutes

Originally Posted On December 27, 2015

i285415639384481695._szw1280h1280_For the sake of everyone reading, I think it's appropriate to document where I stand right now as I start this site so that future readers can see where Phi's first step begins.  While I could write a little novelette about everything that's shaped me, maybe that's best saved for later.  I'll do my best to keep this concise and straightforward!  In time, I'm sure the real in depth-details and lessons learned during this period of my life will come out and be elaborated on.

Phi's First Step

I grew up in the small town in South Carolina where I began work in engineering-related internships at the age of 17 during my senior year of high school.  While in school, I worked 20 hours a week.  When summer hit, I moved up to 40 a week.  After graduating, I attended Clemson University and got my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.  While at Clemson, I worked 3 years as an RA (resident assistant) and continued working most summers as an engineering intern.  About halfway through my college experience, I began to hire my drafting and design skills in small quantities privately at a high rate of pay.  This continued until I graduated, bought my first car (a 1995 Mazda Miata for $3,400 cash) and began my first 'real' job as a software engineer.  I've been working now for a handful of months, 4 days a week at a rate of $4,700/month before taxes.  I contribute 8% of my pre-tax pay to my 401k and my employer matches it with another 9%.  Right now I'm in the process of buying my first house, at a price of $85,000+closing costs, putting 20% down on a 15-year fixed rate mortgage using the savings of almost 5 years of work.

As this is what came before the Stairway of Phi, this is what I consider to be my "first step".  Anything that will come afterwards are accomplishments that have been acquired through the story of this site!


- Phi


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