Phi's March 2016 Update

Phi's March 2016 Update - Snowdrop Flower

This month I'm changing the way I do my monthy reflections.  I've felt something wasn't quite how I wanted it with my monthly updates, but couldn't put my finger on it until today - they lack reference!  I want StairwayOfPhi to be a place where newcomers can use as a tool of reference and having to sort through my articles to pull out and track net worth, liquid assets, income, etc. isn't alright!  From now on, I'll be showing real-time just how quickly wealth really accumulates!

Starting this month, my monthly updates will be a lot more cut-and-dry.  All the work will be done for those who want to analyze my efforts and progress.  Rather than having text updates condensing what's happened in the past 30-ish days, my monthly update articles will have hard figures (visualized in the form of graphs).  In the event of a deviance, I'll give specific explanations as to why my figures grow/shrink/perform unexpectedly.  And, as always, if something doesn't make sense, feel free to leave a comment!

On top of the new mathematical reformat, I will STILL be doing my monthly book reviews.

Phi's March 2016 Update

Track Phi Real-Time


Track StairwayOfPhi

Initial startup costs for StairwayOfPhi equal $270.


Track Side-Businesses

Initial startup costs for the Etsy store equal $212.  I have invested half of this amount and own half of this business.


2016 Resolution

March Liquid Asset Gains:  $1,579

2016 Liquid Asset Gains:  $6,413  (16% of New Year's Resolution Goal)



Book Review

The Millionaire FastlaneThe Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco by MJ DeMarco:  All I can say is WOW!  The Millionaire Fastlane is literally the BEST book on financial independence I have ever read!  MJ DeMarco takes you through the mathematical equation that led him from delivering pizzas while living with his mom to becoming a self-made multimillionaire before the age of 30.  Honestly, MJ's teachings have made me reconsider so many of the ideals I held about generating wealth and gave me the kick in the tail needed to form the aforementioned Etsy store.  I can't rave enough about the greatness of this book or what it will teach you, but to dumb it down to a quick explanatory level, it's an in-depth guide focused on changing your mentality to MJ's "Fastlane" so that you can accomplish in years what others take a lifetime to.  This is a MUST-READ for every entrepreneur or anyone who wants to be financially free.  I always have a little disclaimer at the bottom of my page, but 'd like to stress that I have not been paid to read or review this book - it's just an incredible read.  Every line in it is gold!  Really, it's so good that I'm rereading it right now because I want to absorb any content that might have slipped through the cracks the first time.  If only ever read one book to read on finances, this should be it.  READ IT!

Takeaway:  There are three lanes: Sidewalk (those living for today), Slowlane (those living for a distant tomorrow), Fastlane (those who control their present and future).

Recommendation:  A bazillion times, YES!


Sorry for the delay, everyone.  I had some car issues which had to be immediately addressed, pushing back my schedule.  I'm now caught up!



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