Playing with Puzzles to Beat Average

Originally Posted On January 25, 2016

Playing With Puzzles to Beat 'Average' - Puzzle PieceThe more I come to understand my own life and where I'm heading, the more I realize that the knowledge was always there, intrinsically - I was just never able to rationalize or verbalize it.  But the more I do (either in my head or through this blog), the more I believe that there are certain truths that most adults intrinsically understand when attention is drawn to it yet, until so, the puzzle pieces never quite 'click', despite having sat right next to each other, so close to connecting for potentially even years on end!

And the more excited about finances I become, the more I find myself drawn to conversations about stocks, politics, education, and self-betterment with people who feel similarly to me!  However, not everyone is so excitable.  In fact, with the exception of a few people, I've heard mainly negativity towards finances and wealth.  Curious to know why others know so wholeheartedly repel anything related to taking control of their own financial situation, I've asked questions, inquired, and found myself hearing answers like, "Well, I'm in so much debt that I'll be working it off for the rest of my life!", "In the future I'll have a higher income so I'll start worrying about what to do with it then", "If it was possible to retire early, then why don't people do it?!", "What's the point of money if you can't spend it?  Skimp your whole life to retire maybe a month or two earlier - no thanks!", and possibly the most common excuse - "If you weren't born rich, you'll never be rich!"

Well, big boo hoo!  This is your typical "just because" mentality - the one state of mind I have the hardest time dealing with!  These people haven't seen shortcomings in what people like you and I are trying to achieve - they outright refuse to look towards the path we pave because the sun is "too bright", the path is "too long", or "I'm already so far down this other path, it's too late to turn back now!"


Beat Average

To me, this is just like trying to solve that puzzle without being able to pick up the pieces!  The complaining party will slide pieces around on the table, but only utilizing two dimensions, they'll never manage to connect more than a lucky few and give up in frustration!  But this doesn't prove the puzzle impossible to solve, it only shows that the puzzle can't be solved on a single plane!  When the third dimension is introduced, suddenly the rounded puzzle edges fit easily into the perfectly-matched gaps of other pieces and with a little effort the picture comes together!

You see, most people refuse to believe the puzzle pieces can be picked up.  They know one set of rules - the one that they've built up and believed in over the course of their lives.  The same set of rules restricting them!  Because when their lifestyle is shaken, they take shelter behind the walls of those rules.  "Well, I know I'm right, therefore this other idea is wrong!  Financial independence isn't a real thing because it conflicts with my preconceived notions!  Ha, ha, once again I've overcome the adversity of challenge by simply rejecting it!  What fools are anyone who dares to question my rules!"  ...This may be dramatized, but not by as much as I wish.

And THIS is average.

When everyone only sees that sliding pieces doesn't work, they give up.  They won't try to pick up the piece.  After all, that would be moving it farther away from the target!  Initially, yes, the pieces do distance each other.  But to those of us who realize that we aren't stuck to the same playing field, we can draw the pieces from the board, returning them into the place they belong - now whole.  And when we abandon the idea of "this is just how it is" “just because” mentality, we can do remarkable things!

Just ask yourself.  "What would 'average' do?"  Will being ‘average’ really get you your desired results?

If you want be healthier than 'average', do you sit on the sofa drinking beer and eating Cheetos?  No!  You hit the gym and stick to a diet!

If you want to become more educated than 'average', do you mindlessly stare at the TV all day like a zombie?  No!  You read a book, learn a lesson, and do some critical thinking on how it applies to your life!

And if you want to be wealthier than 'average', do you spend a lot of money you don't have and waste the rest of your time complaining that you'll never be rich?  Of course not!  You pinch pennies, put in the extra work, and spend chunks of your time thinking about what will be the most beneficial investment/portfolio/business/job!

Average is easy and it will only get you as far as everyone else!  To achieve more, the solution is simple - you just need to be better than average.  Just ask yourself, "What would 'average' do?  How do I beat average?"




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