The Road To Success

The Road To Success - Stairway of PhiEver since the StairwayOfPhi project began, I've had to grow at a rapid rate to become someone whose words hold impact, whose actions live up to expectations, and whose advice is worth following.  The radical changes that I've forced upon myself in this short period of time have turned me into a more capable (and flat-out better) person.  And now that I've progressed, I'm able to see life in a new light - the same light illuminating the road to success!  Now that the light is there, I can see the path ahead of me and, man, does it look bright!  And with each additional step that I take, the more I come to realize the similarities in the paths of everyone walking this road alongside me!


The Road To Success

Regardless of the differences in what we're trying to achieve, these people are the same.  They've all got drive and ALWAYS strive to grow and progress as people!  They learn from their successes, as well as their failures.  When a challenge rears it's head, they don't avoid the challenge - they do their best to conquer it!  They see what needs to be done to reach their endpoint and, more importantly, they see how they fit into this equation!

But success is not a formula.  It can't be learned in a book and is only rarely stumbled upon.  And while the guidance of a mentor or partner can provide direction, the road to success is still too strenuous for someone who doesn't anticipate the hike.

But instead of people who have achieved success being admired and respected, they get a bad rep.  Those who will never make it call their accomplishments "luck".  The jealous say it isn't "fair".  And instead of learning from the paths of those who have actually walked the walk, naysayers turn down the already-successful's advice under the belief that their words are merely diversions for entertainment's purpose.  Or even worse, the listening respond, "I'm already doing that!"

This is one of the opportunities that those living third-level mentality lives reject!

The onlookers only see two locations on this path.  Where they stand and where their gaze ends.  And up the way point far off in the distance looks good!

But the path to get there has been completely overlooked!  The thorns, potholes, mud, and upward trek go unseen and are completely written off - with it the acknowledgement that those who have traveled the path deserve to be where they stand!  After all, if the journey was really so treacherous, then how could it be possible to make it through all the hardships and still be fine?  No, surely it's just "luck".

But then those who have already climbed encounter success again.  Then once more.  Then they do it another time!  Seemingly, it gets easier every time!

See, the people who have already made the ascent understand that there are more locations than just "here" and "there".  They KNOW that the whole path is crucial and that you can't get two three steps closer without taking the first or second steps!  The biggest difference between the successful and those aren't there is that the successful take the steps to become the way they are today!

Everyone has the potential for success.  Every person ever has had something they're good at, something that they stand out doing!  That something that takes their bland lives and for even a brief moment turns them into a person of incredible value.  These are the skills that the successful have/are capitalizing on!

But too many refuse to take even the first step.

Instead, they make excuses. "I'm too busy", "I already have plans", "I'm too tired", etc.  And while I have no intent to judge anybody's decisions other than my own, I can only think of these excuses when I hear these people complaining about their own lack of accomplishments - comparing their list to the list of one who, when it came time to take steps, didn't make excuses.

Do you really think Michael Jordan got to where he is because he was lucky?  No!  He got there because he became a person of value!  He accomplished his value by spending more time playing basketball than the rest of his peers and continued to take the steps needed to 'up' his game when he needed to improve.  He desperately sacrificed!  While others were relaxing, he was running drills.  While his friends were watching reruns, he was shooting hoops.  While people were making excuses as to why things "turned out this way" he was, on an inner level, analyzing himself - finding ways to eliminate his weaknesses.

To achieve his success, he first had to live it.  And if we want it, we all have to live it.

Each decision we make has a consequence.  For every path we take, we leave another behind.  For every thing that we take, we sacrifice something else.  As someone wanting to travel the road of success or achieve any great result, it's imperative that we realize this.  Without this understanding, we can't honestly or accurately judge our momentum, where we stand, and the next hurdle in our paths!

Just like Michael Jordan, you need to live in the reality you want to obtain BEFORE you'll come to live it!  This is the defining factor those on the road to success exhibit!  Build your skills, push your comfort zone, reach out to someone you respect and, instead of rejecting their advice, take it seriously and apply it to your own life!  Develop successful habits and you will naturally overcome the challenges the road to success throws at you and ascend towards the summit!

The universe takes note on those who put out the extra time, energy, work, and passion.  It accumulates those experiences then one day throws them back at you collectively!  And on that day you'll look back at the road, see all the difficulties and realize that you overcame each one of them and that you've reached the destination your sights were originally set on.  You've attained success.




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