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Site Is Live - Heartbeat PulseHello, everyone!  Today is a very important day for me and this website.  Today marks the day that I take ownership of my own domain name, as well transfer everything from the old, free site to the OFFICIAL!  For those following chronologically who are interested in the periods of time in which the milestones I accomplish take place, I will be including the original date the transferring articles were published in the header of each post.  Also, the biggest change to the format of the site is now I can get your feedback in the form of comments and mail about the articles I publish as well as hear the progress all of you are making in your own lives!  So go ahead and try out the new functionality - post a comment!

This article is duplicated for the sake of notifying already-following readers of why this change has taken place, as well as notify new readers what's up with the multiple dates in the header!


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