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Do Something Great or Watch TV?

Originally Posted On January 18, 2016

Do Something Great or Watch TV?In my last post, I told a story of how I was affected making last-minute changes when feeling rushed for time with the underlying message being, "Take your time and try to make decisions when you aren't feeling rushed/pressured".  That got me thinking about time, in general, and about how much time I waste on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

If you don't have a financial budget, chances are you don't have control of your finances.  But even those of you with a financial budget, how strong is your grasp on controlling time?  Mine could certainly be better.  In this long weekend, I've helped a friend with a woodworking project, hit the gym twice, visited the house and taken some measurements in preparation for moving in, and started packing, but I've also spent several hours almost every day in front of Netflix with nothing to show for it!Continue reading