Motivational Videos are Bullshit

Motivational Videos Are Bull Sh*t!

Motivational Videos are BullshitEvery day my Facebook feed is filled to the brim with spam.  I see the same friends, day-in and day-out, sharing motivational videos for all to enjoy.  Occasionally, I'll watch one.  Sometimes they're actually pretty good (lately they've even had little plots and characters associated with them).  But EVERY day, it's the same people sharing more and more videos.  And in their 'share' description, it's always the same story.  This time they're more motivated than ever before!  The next day they're SO MOTIVATED!  The day after that, they now understand (through the lessons learned in their video) what's been holding them back on accomplishing their goals!  The NEXT day their video has shown them the way they now have a great understanding of the world.... and THEY'RE REALLY MOTIVATED!Continue reading

Playing With Puzzles to Beat 'Average' - Puzzle Piece

Playing with Puzzles to Beat Average

Originally Posted On January 25, 2016

Playing With Puzzles to Beat 'Average' - Puzzle PieceThe more I come to understand my own life and where I'm heading, the more I realize that the knowledge was always there, intrinsically - I was just never able to rationalize or verbalize it.  But the more I do (either in my head or through this blog), the more I believe that there are certain truths that most adults intrinsically understand when attention is drawn to it yet, until so, the puzzle pieces never quite 'click', despite having sat right next to each other, so close to connecting for potentially even years on end!Continue reading