February Update 2016 - Almond Flowers

Phi's February 2016 Update

Phi's February 2016 Update - Almond FlowersIt's monthly review time and I'd like to start by saying that this has been the most successful, slam-packed, crazy month I've ever lived!  I knew that for the first half of the month getting things together for the new house would be a time-sink and money-sink, but going into that expectation I was under the impression that the second half would let up on me.  Boy, was I wrong!Continue reading

January Update - Winter Trees

Phi's January 2016 Update - Reading and Review

Originally Posted On January 31, 2016

January Update - Winter TreesAs a part of my New Year's Resolution, I've decided to read one book relating to financial education a month.  This month I was an unstoppable reading robot hell-bent on covering as much ground as possible.  Due to my tenacity, I completed not one, not two, but three financial education books!  Below are the titles and a brief review, as well as my recommendation.Continue reading